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I am RUBRnek

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer

I am a freelance software engineer and an IT Manager at local startup.

From underwater acoustics, to coastal defense systems management, to administration at an Austin, TX startup, I have over twenty years in the tech industry. I've worked for big government, small governent, big business and now small business. This has given me a unique perspective into client relationships and customer service, as well as industry values and expectations both at home and abroad.

Name: Jeffrey Berry

Age: 37

Phone: +1 361 549-7246

Address: Bastrop, Texas



My Services

Creative Design

Applies inventive solutions to page composition; utilizes graphics tools like GIMP, Krita, and Inkscape; no stranger to unorthodox or outside-the-box thinking.


Creates brand logos with customer industry/image in mind; establishes online identity and navigates the online advertising market/SEO.


Handles implementation of React/CSS in a green, responsible manner; avoids pretense in design choices and instead focuses on simple, direct experiences.


Handles implementation of Express/Node in a RESTful, adaptable manner; avoids bloat and maintains consciousness of scalability.

Clean Code

Efficiently comments, thoughtfully assigns naming conventions, and keeps things as DRY as possible; will not obfuscate code in convoluted functions and generic variables.

Fast Support

Constantly in contact with community and a part of several online groups for coders; available through Discord, Twitch, e-mail, mobile.

My Resume

  • Software Engineer

    2022 - Present | Freelance

    Constantly learning, evolving, overcoming. Currently have working/professional experience with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node, Express, MongoDB, C++, C#, Shell, and CAN.

  • IT Manager

    2021 - Present | TMD

    Jack-of-all-Trades information technology body: manages Active Directory, Azure, 365, Quickbook Database, VOIP, Networking Hardware/Configuration, Workstation Software, as well as all technical assets like machine HMIs, PLCs, etc.

  • System Analyst

    2019 - 2021 | PAE

    Government-to-Government DoD contract managing cross-platform integration of TERMA Radar, IEC Werewolf, and proprietary in-house systems for a coastal detection and defense network for the Tunisian and Nigerian militaries.

  • Resilient Coders

    2022 - 2022 | #100Devs

    Challenged me to grow from my previous experience of writing admin/networking scripts to a genuine full-stack web developer through a fantastic software engineering program.

  • Nuclear Reactor Controls

    2005 - 2007 | NNTPC

    One the most difficult academic programs in the country; this will remain on my mantle of accomplishments until the eventual heat death of the earth.

My Portfolio

Texas Machine Design Logo

Texas Machine Design

Web Development

Cecil Moses Realty

Web Development

AC Landscaping

Web Development

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Contact Me


Bastrop, Texas

704 HWY 71 W



+1 361 549-7246